Narrated audio version of Cuckold's Diary

After meeting John, one of the few and apparently in-demand single men at the party, we decided to walk around a little and see what people were up to. I think we were anxious to witness what we originally saw on TV the very first time this idea came to our minds. Would this experience be exactly like that? Naked bodies everywhere, having all kinds of sex with no shame or care?

We walked back into the common area and found it pretty crowded and alive; people were interacting with each other more than before and many were now dancing. You could feel the vibe evolving into something sexual. We parked ourselves along the wall to observe the scene.

Then we heard someone calling. “Jeff! Bella!”

We turned towards the voices and to our surprise we saw Lori and Ron grinning at us from the dance floor. We weren’t as surprised by the fact that they were enjoying themselves but more so because it seemed that they’d changed into more comfortable clothes: by comfortable, I meant much more sexual and revealing. Ron was wearing fitted jeans and a tight shirt, and even to a straight guy like me it was clear that he was an attractive and fit guy. Lori wore a tiny black cocktail dress over her thin, sexy body with a pair of fashionable high heels. She was no longer wearing a bra and you could see the alluring shape of her breasts pushing against the fabric of her dress from the inside.

They were waving us over. We had never been great dancers but we had always enjoyed it when we went out, and the mood seemed right. Bella and I looked at each other for a second with a little apprehension. We knew that this wasn’t like joining your friends on the dance floor. Would we be accepting an invitation to more than just a dance if we went?

“Should we go?” I asked to see where Bella’s mind was on this.

“I do want to dance, honey, but does that mean something more here?” Bella replied, confirming my original thought.

I wanted to make sure she was in control of this decision. “If you’re not comfortable we can just politely decline.”

“I think we should just go and if things go in a direction we don’t like, we can just follow Mark and Jessi’s suggestion and politely walk away,” Bella suggested wisely.

I was glad she was willing to put ourselves out there, to try new things and just go with the flow. But at the same time I was also glad that we were aware of our options.

We walked towards Ron and Lori and joined them on the dance floor, working a little circle. They seemed excited to see us and appeared to just want to have a good time dancing. It was kind of exciting. We didn’t know what to expect. We were in a sexually charged place in a very new-to-us situation, and now things had gotten even more real as we were interacting with a couple who may be interested in more than just dancing with us, even though we were all newbies.

Bella seemed to enjoy herself and I was just enjoying the whole scene. I couldn’t help but think back to everything we’d seen and heard over the last hour or so. I was dying to know what Bella was thinking about all of this and what, if anything, she found appealing. Would any of it be right here? Tonight?

Lori was very good looking. The more I looked her over, the more attractive I realized she was. She had a great body and she moved very sexily on the dance floor. Needless to say she caught me staring at her breasts a couple of times. Normally I would be a little embarrassed, but I assumed that here it would probably be okay.

A new song came on and Lori instantly got very excited about it.

“Yay, that’s my song!” Lori screamed with excitement. She stepped towards me and extended her hand towards mine in an obvious request that I join her. I did not expect that, and I wasn’t sure what to do at first. I looked to Bella with a “should I?” sort of an expression on my face. Bella playfully smiled at me and nodded in encouragement.

Oh my God, what was happening? My wife was about to watch me dance with another attractive woman in a tiny dress in the middle of a sex club. I took Lori’s hand and we started dancing face to face. She wasn’t letting my hand go. I figured I’d just roll with it as long as Bella was okay. I looked over my shoulder to make sure Bella still approved of what was going on only to see her and Ron dancing together as well. I didn’t know why I wasn’t expecting it, but it took me a little by a surprise. My wife was dancing with another man, right next to me. And to my surprise, I wasn’t bothered by it at all. Maybe it was because I was also dancing with another partner, or because we were just having a good time and it felt right in the moment. I didn’t have long to think about it as Lori soon pulled me a little bit closer to her.

“Is this the first time you’ve see your wife with another man?” she asked me by leaning over to whisper against my ear. I could smell her perfume as her hair brushed up against my face. It was very sexy. I haven’t had that from anyone but Bella in a long time. It felt weird, but really good.

“Yes, this is definitely the first,” I replied as we remained pretty close to one another.

She responded with a question that was already on my mind. “How do you feel about it?”

“I think we are here to find that out,” I replied honestly. I followed up with an even more straightforward inquiry: “Do you think Ron finds her attractive?”

“Oh, yes,” she answered quickly.

“How do you know?” I asked just as quickly.

“He told me,” she said. “He mentioned that out of all of the women here he was attracted to Bella the most.”

That was definitely odd to hear. Someone telling you that her husband was sexually attracted to your wife wasn’t something that you heard every day. Or ever, really. I was flattered on one hand but oddly excited on the other.

I figured since I had nothing to lose I would ask the question that was weighing most on my mind aloud. “Why did I just get excited when you told me that Ron had a thing for Bella?”

“Maybe it is because someone else wants to play with a toy you might have grown bored with,” she replied after a moment. “And now you are interested in the toy again, and you’re curious to see how another kid would play with it.”

She may have had a good point. Was I looking at Bella in a whole new light now that I’d heard that another man had expressed sexual interest in her? I mean, Bella is very attractive and I’m not surprised that other men would have those thoughts about her. It’s just that I had never been confronted with that so head on before.

I turned around and saw them dancing even closer together. Ron’s hand rested intimately on Bella’s waist and she was saying something into his ear. They were just as close as Lori and I, which was pretty close. My pants tightened as I got a little hard watching all of this. This was very real. I was growing sexually excited to see my wife in the arms of another man. They were just dancing, but seeing them like that made the situation feel more real than ever. In spite of that, I was still confused about what was leaving me so excited.

Lori caught me looking at them and continued to press on with her very honest questions.

“If you see anything that you are not comfortable with, you should speak up. It’s perfectly okay,” she suggested.

“I don’t know why, but not only am I comfortable with it, I’m also a little turned on,” I admitted.

Lori’s hands gently brushed against my body as we spoke. She was definitely moving in a little closer. “Would your wife mind seeing you with another woman like this?” she asked, picking up on yet another question that had just entered my mind at about that time.

“You know,” I hesitated. “I’m not sure if we thought it through that far.”

“I hope she doesn’t,” Lori said, which definitely cleared up any doubt I might have had in my head about where this was going.

“I hope not as well,” I replied with a smile.

Lori backed off a bit and we continued to dance. I glanced at Bella and Ron again and they were still talking very close to each other, caught up in their conversation and barely dancing anymore. Ron’s hand was on Bella’s hip and I could see her hand resting against his chest as she tried to lean up to his ear when she spoke. Once again, I felt myself getting a little harder and once again, it took me a little by surprise. I still wasn’t sure why seeing my wife interacting with another man this closely was turning me on. I always knew that she was a sexy girl who got looks and even sometimes compliments from other men, and previously that neither bothered me nor gave me any kind of pleasure. I just felt reassured in what I already knew, which was the fact that Bella was incredibly attractive.

As we continued dancing my eyes lingered on Lori’s sexy body and the way she moved to the music. Knowing that she was sexually interested in me was certainly adding to that excitement; I hadn’t experienced a woman other than my wife being openly attracted to me in a while. After a few minutes, Lori suddenly turned around and backed up against me with her bottom. I felt her round ass on my crotch and her soft hair against my neck, the feeling very sudden but also extremely erotic.

I instantly wondered if that would be too much for Bella. I turned around again to make sure she still approved only to see her already dancing with her back to Rob in a similar manner. She was looking at me and smiling just a little. I smiled back and nodded just slightly to see if she was okay with everything that was going on. She nodded in return to let me know that everything was fine.

While I was silently communicating with Bella I caught Ron’s eye as well. He was smiling at me with the same kind of request for confirmation, and I returned the smile to let him know that we were all good. It wasn’t long after that when Ron put both of his hands on Bella’s hips and began gently pushing her into him as they continued to dance. Bella turned her head to him and grinned while she covered one of his hands with her own, the other sliding back to rest against his thigh.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, the sight extremely erotic in an unusual way. I was frozen while watching them dance like that for a while even though I had Lori, a sexy girl in a tight dress, dancing just as close to me. I put my hands on her stomach to feel her flat belly move in and out as her ass rubbed against my groin. I couldn’t help but think that Ron was feeling Bella’s ass on his own groin in exactly same way. That thought was extremely arousing.

After a few more minutes of intense and erotic dancing, the song ended and we all drifted back into to our original circle formation. It was a good cool down as I wasn’t really sure how far things would have gone, and Bella and I needed to sync up on how we felt.

“How about we go and refill our drinks?” Ron suggested to everyone.

“Yeah, I think it’s a great idea,” I replied, thinking that it’d give Bella and I time to talk things over.

I didn’t really know if I would be comfortable or even open to anything more happening tonight. We’d only came here to watch others and see how we felt, but we’d already gone further than we’d even discussed.


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