Narrated audio version of Cuckold's Diary
“I think we should walk around and see what’s going on,” I suggested.

“Let’s,” she replied.

There were plenty of other things to see and rooms to explore, so we both got up and started making our way to the door.

“Your ass looks great, girl,” said the woman sitting on the couch by the door. Her husband smiled in agreement.

“Oh,” Bella stopped and looked at her with a bit of a surprise. ‘Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” said the woman.

We didn’t really know what else to say or do, so we kept walking and left the room.

“That was… interesting,” I whispered into Bella’s ear as we soon as entered the hallway.

“I’ve never had a stranger say that to me,” Bella said. “Especially a woman. Now I feel weird walking around knowing that people are checking me out.”

“I don’t think you should, babe,” I said. “You look hot.  I think that here it’s not that big of a deal to let others know that.”

“I guess so,” Bella replied. “I actually feel sexier now that she said that. Is that strange?”

“I don’t think so. I think it’s great. Isn’t that why we’re here anyway?” I smiled, leaning in to kiss her cheek.

We walked all the way back to the main area and noticed that it was now filling up with people.

There were mostly couples, many who were attractive and dressed up. That made us feel less out of place since we didn’t want to stand out by being overdressed. Every look we caught from others was a smile, which made it feel like we were in a friendly place. My wife and I strolled through the main area and back into the kitchen of the house. There were some snacks and drinks on the main table, so we have decided to go and have a few bites. Bella was still sipping on her wine, and I got myself a soda.

“Take it easy on that stuff,” I’ve heard a man’s voice behind me, his words tinged with a hint of amusement. “Or the bartender may have to cut you off.”

I turned around and saw a guy smiling at me. I realized he was referring to the soft drink I’d grabbed while everyone else was drinking wine. I smiled back.

“I’m John,” he introduced himself and extended his hand.

“Jeff,” I replied and shook his hand. “This is my wife, Bella.”

“Hi there,” he said to Bella. “I’m John.”

“Hi,” she replied. “Bella.”

“Where’s your better half?” I asked, since I didn’t see anyone next to him.

“No better half,” he replied. “Just me.”

“Oh?” I felt a little bad assuming that everyone was there with a partner.

“Yeah, I’m one of the rare single guys that Jessi and Mark invite to their parties,” he explained. “I’ve been coming here for about 2 years now, so I feel like it’s a second home in a way.”

“You come here every week?” I asked.

“Not every week,” John replied. “Maybe a couple of times a month.”

“Do you look for couples or other single ladies?” Bella jumped in.

“I prefer couples,” John answered. “I can go anywhere if I just wanted to hook up with a single girl.”

“That makes sense,” Bella replied. “We just met a couple who is new like us, and they are thinking about a single guy.”

“There are usually more couples here that are looking for single guys than there are single guys on any given occasion,” said John, sipping at his drink.

“Really?” I felt a little thrown off by the thought, as I wouldn’t have expected that to be the case.

“Yes,” John confirmed. “Probably a third of all couples on an average night is looking for a single guy as an option, but there are normally only a few of us here.”

“Wow,” Bella seemed as surprised as I was. “You would think it would be the other way around.”

“Not from my experience,” John continued. “Most guys don’t really understand what it’s like to be with a couple. It’s not like hooking up with a single girl. You are invited into an existing sex life and everyone has their own boundaries and preferences. Plus, most guys can’t really perform in a group environment, you know?”

“So, how did you get into this?” I was curious.

“I never even thought about it, to be honest. But a few years ago I was at a bar and this girl was coming on to me pretty strong,” he started explaining. “She was sexy so I didn’t mind. When we started to get touchy-feely she told me that she was married and that her husband was sitting on the other side of her. I freaked out at first. But then she told me that they were swingers and her husband liked to watch her with younger men.”

Bella and I listened in fascination.

“They lived a few blocks away,” John continued. “So, we went to their place. She was a hottie and we had great sex. He basically watched from a distance. It was weird at first, but then I really started getting into it. I mean, I was having sex with someone’s wife and he was right there, enjoying watching me with her.

“They ended up inviting me over almost every week until they had to move away to Arizona. It was great. It was purely about sex for everyone involved. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“And the husband never got jealous?” Bella asked.

“No,” John replied. “I don’t think I would have done it if that was the case. I liked the fact that he was into it. He explained that he wanted his wife to enjoy sex by being with other men who were bigger than him, and it turned him on to see her being a slut.”

“Bigger?” Bella asked.

“Yes,” John nodded. “He wanted his wife to be with a guy who had a bigger dick than his own.”

“Oh,” Bella smiled, a little embarrassed that she didn’t figure that one out on her own. I smiled too.

“Most couples that I play with,” John continued, “prefer that the guy is bigger and more alpha than the hubby is. I’m usually encouraged to be aggressive and almost pushy once we’re behind closed doors.”

“So, the husbands get off on watching?” I was trying to keep up.

“Mainly watching,” John replied. “But sometimes they participate.”

“How so?” I asked, figuring that both Bella and I wanted to know.

“In all sorts of ways. Sometimes they just want to kiss their wife at the same time, sometimes she sucks them off, and sometimes the wife wants what’s called ‘DP’. Double penetration.” John saw our confused expressions, so he continued. “One is vaginal, and the other one – anal,” he explained. “But that’s only when a girl is into anal and the hubby is okay with being that close to another man. And you do get very close, so it’s not for everyone.”

“Oh there you are, John!” called a lady from across the room, making a beeline in his direction with her husband a step behind.

“Hey stranger,” John replied, his face lighting up in a grin.

She came up to him and gave him a kiss straight on the lips. Her husband and John shook hands.

“Haven’t seen you guys in a while,” said John.

“We have been away for a couple of months at our ranch,” the husband explained. “But we’re back now.”

John turned back to us. “Excuse me, guys. It was nice chatting with you. I hope we can talk again later.”

“Same here,” I replied.

It was apparent that John had been with that couple before. The wife was all over him and it appeared that they were headed somewhere more private to catch up. That was just fine with us. We needed to process the new information anyway.

“I feel like I’m in a different universe,” said Bella.

I could see the sparkle in her eyes, so I knew she was fascinated by everything that we’d seen and heard so far. And the night was very young. That was a good sign. I really wanted to see if she would be comfortable with this; it looked like she definitely was. And I think I was too.

“No kidding,” I finally replied. “But in a good way, right?”

“Totally in a good way, babe,” she replied with a sexy smile.

“I wouldn’t have thought that single guys would be in demand here,” I reflected on our conversation with John.

“I haven’t even thought about that type of a threesome before,” she replied. “I kinda always thought that all guys wanted a threesome with two girls, not a guy.”

“I think this is different,” I replied. “It doesn’t seem like the guys do anything with each other sexually. I’m assuming that both are straight.”

“That’s what I got out of it, too,” Bella agreed. “But also, remember what Jason said about wanting to watch his wife with another guy? He said it was about watching Joy being slutty.”

“Yes, I remember that,” I nodded. “I got the feeling that Jason wasn’t a hundred percent sure why he wanted it. I think he was suggesting that it turned him on and he didn’t really care too much why.”

“Do you think Joy and Jason are going to find a guy they like tonight?” Bella asked.

“If they do, is it odd that I kinda want to watch them?” I cautiously replied.

“I don’t think it’s odd. I wanna watch them too,” she said quickly, which was a pleasant surprise. We seemed to be on the same page so far. “I almost can’t believe that such a nice, regular couple who could be our next-door neighbor is into this kind of stuff.”

Most couples that we saw so far looked like everyday normal people. If I saw any of them on the street, or at a restaurant, or even at work – I would never have guessed that they spent their Saturday nights like this.


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