Narrated audio version of Cuckold's Diary

After swapping partners on a dance floor for some very close interactions with our new friends, things cooled off a little as the four of us decided to refill our drinks. We walked back to the kitchen where Ron and Lori had their bottle of wine sitting at the counter. We felt a little bad that we didn’t bring anything with us, but we figured we got a pass for being newbies. We definitely were going to bring our own the next time around.

“Thank you for taking care of us,” said Bella as Ron opened the new bottle. She gave Ron a bit of a flirty smile as he poured the wine into her glass, a sexy sight all on its own. I was a little jealous that it wasn’t meant for me this time but for another man. It wasn’t a bad sort of jealous, though; more of an admiration sort of jealous.

“You’re very welcome,” he replied, smiling back at her.

I caught Lori’s expression as she stared at her husband with obvious love while he was flirting with Bella. Her husband stood there making advances on another woman, and it was amazing to see her support what was going on. What a weird and yet amazing place we were in!

“If you guys don’t mind, Lori and I are going to step out and say hi to some friends of ours whom we saw earlier,” Ron politely said, excusing both of them. “These two are regulars so if we don’t catch them now, they will be hard to find in the dark later.”

“Of course, you guys go do your thing,” I replied, and they headed back out to the common area to see their friends. Lori turned around and gave me a playful look as they departed, as I’m sure she knew I was watching her cute ass sway slowly along with her hips while she walked away.

“She’s got a nice butt too, huh?” Bella surprisingly said as she watched me watch Lori leave. She put her hand on my ass and squeezed it teasingly.

“She does,” I replied with a safe answer, still not knowing what Bella’s or my comfort level truly was with all of this.

“Ron told me that they were going to leave us so that we could talk,” Bella said without wasting too much time.

“Oh, so the whole going to meet people they knew thing was just a ploy to get us on our own again?” I asked in jest.

“Yes, I told Ron that you and I had to talk before we would go any further,” Bella replied. “Wasn’t that a good idea, babe?”

“Oh, absolutely! Really good call,” I responded. “I was wondering about that myself, but I wasn’t sure how to interrupt everyone without killing the vibe.”

“I didn’t want things to get too far since we hadn’t really talked about all of this. It just kind of happened,” she said.

“I was thinking the same thing,” I agreed promptly. “I didn’t want to do anything you would disapprove of, babe.”

“Did you like dancing with Lori?” She asked what could have been a loaded question.

“I think so,” I replied. “It was weird but fun.”

“She seemed to be into you,” Bella replied with a cute smile. “Ron said she really liked you.”

“Oh did he?” I acted a little more surprised than I actually was.

“Oh you know she did, you handsome man,” Bella squeezed my butt again. “I saw her all over you.”

“You did?” I wondered. “How did you feel about it?”

“I was actually okay with it.” She was clearly letting her thoughts out as they were forming. “I felt like it was both of us having a good time with both of them as a couple.”

“That is a very interesting way of thinking about it,” I caught myself agreeing with her angle.

“Though I thought it was still relatively innocent,” she continued. “I would say it was nothing more than intense flirting.”

“Hmmm.” I was once again taken aback by her way of putting this into perspective. “I agree, babe.”

“I saw you looking at Ron and I,” she continued. “I wasn’t sure if you were okay with us being that close.”

“I actually was,” I replied. “Did I look upset?”

“No, you actually looked…” She paused. “… entertained. I wondered what you were thinking at that moment.”

“Well…” I paused as well, since I hadn’t really had time to process my own thoughts, much less form them into a comprehensible response. “I was a bit surprised to see you so close to him, but…”

“I was a little surprised at myself as well,” she interrupted. “Ron spun me around and kind of never let go, so I figured I’d go with a flow, too.”

“Honestly, I got a little turned on watching it happen,” I was forming my thoughts slowly.

“Really?” she said with both surprise and excitement in her eyes at the same time. “You mean like sexually? Like you got hard?”

“Yes,” I almost whispered, mainly to not scare myself with that thought. “I really didn’t expect it myself. I thought I might get jealous but instead I got a little aroused when I saw you with him. What did you think when you saw me and Lori get close?”

“I can’t say that I was turned on per se…” Bella slowed down to choose her next words carefully. “But I was excited that my husband was so handsome that he made a sexy girl get all hot and bothered for him.”

I smiled. I wasn’t sure why she didn’t go back to explore the fact that her husband just confessed to getting sexually aroused by seeing his wife dancing close with another man. I figured I’d let her bring it up on her own sometime later. I myself still needed to evaluate what exactly was happening inside of my own head.

“Hey, I’ve noticed that there aren’t as many people in here or on the dance floor,” Bella changed the topic. “I wonder if most people have moved to the other rooms.”

“Should we go and see?” I asked eagerly.

“That’s what we came here for, right?” she replied. “Unless you want me to dance with more men.”

She definitely said it jokingly and patted me on my butt as she said it. But I wondered how much of it was a joke and how much of it wasn’t. I wasn’t going to let her get away with it this time though.

“I just might, honey,” I replied and smiled back at her.

“I’ll see what I can do,” she said, grinning. “But only for you, babe.”

“Which room do you want to start with?” I asked as we walked out of the kitchen area.

“Let’s go through them as we pass them by,” she proposed.

“Okay,” I agreed. “I guess the movie room is our first stop.”

We walked through the main area again and then through a narrow hallway. There were a few couples walking around and making out with one another. Some were getting pretty frisky.

As we walked close to the movie room we could actually hear and smell people having sex. It was pretty surreal as we approach the door and peeked in. We didn’t know what to expect but we kept walking towards the sounds and the dim reddish light coming out of the room. The scene inside was very different from how we’d left it earlier in the night, mellow yet active. There were a few people standing by the door watching, so we joined the bystanders along the edges of the room to try and make sense of what was unfolding in front of our virgin eyes.

There were naked, half-naked and some still-clothed bodies wrapped around each other on most of the couches in the room. The only light was coming from the four television screens showing porno movies. We could see two couples having sex next to each other on one of the couches. Of course, we couldn’t know if they were with each other or had swapped their partners. Just that thought alone was very new to my mind, yet very arousing.

The couch next to it had one couple completely naked in a sideways sixty-nine position while another still-clothed couple sat next to them, lightly petting and rubbing them. It was obvious that the nude couple had started first and the second one was warming up to the idea and getting ready to jump in.

Bella and I finally took our eyes from the busy scene and looked at each other with a look of amazed fascination.

“This is a lot to take in,” said Bella first.

“I feel like I’m in some of virtual reality porno theater,” I chuckled.

“Is this turning you on?”

“Yes, little by little,” I replied cautiously. “I think once all of my senses get used to the new environment and I get past the fact that there is live sex going on a few feet from us, I’ll get more into actually enjoying it.”

“I think this is hot,” Bella replied, once again reassuring me that she was just a little ahead of me on this.

Before I was able to reply a loud moan came out of the corner of the room. As we both looked over to the area that it came from, we saw the back side of a very sexy girl mounting a guy sitting on the couch. Her moan sounded as if he had just entered her for the first time. As she leaned into his chest to keep her pleasure-weakened body upright, she turned her head to the side to look towards another man sitting right next to them. He was mainly dressed but had his aroused cock jutting out of his pants. As she started to grind on the guy she had inside of her she reached to the other one and engulfed his hard cock with her mouth. At this point she had two different men inside of her body. She continued to thrust up and down on her first lover while pleasuring the second orally.

“I think that’s a couple with a single guy like John was telling us about,” Bella commented. “It’s so weird.”

“What is?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just we’ve had two conversations today about how a single guy would join a couple, you know, in sex. Yet I hadn’t really thought about how it would actually physically happen. And now that I see it, it’s just so… new.”

“I think ‘new’ is the keyword today, babe,” I replied agreeably. “I’ve seen threesomes like this before in porn but seeing it in person and knowing that these are actual people and not paid actors is taking it to a whole level for me.”

“Which one do you think is her husband, and which one is the single guy?” Bella asked a good question.

“I don’t know, babe,” I replied honestly. “I’d love to figure it out, though.”


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