Narrated audio version of Cuckold's Diary

Bella and I made our way back to the main area and were happy to find Tim and Kat still lounging at the same table where we had left them. As they saw us emerge from the dark hallway leading from the very room where I had just watched Bella get fingered to an orgasm by Tim and Kat’s friend Mike, both of their faces lit up to greet us.

“Well, well, well!” Kat could not hold her excitement any longer and practically bounced out of her seat. “Welcome to the lifestyle, you dirty little perverts!”

Both Bella and I smiled as we realized that we had indeed just become official residents of this newly found sexual universe.

“Thank you! We’re looking forward to taking full advantage of our membership,” I joked lightly.

“So, how do you guys feel?” Kat asked, still with a cute smile on her face.

I went first, since I figured that Bella’s answer would be the one to truly take the spotlight. “I feel even more excited than before, but also relieved at the same time.”

“Relieved?” Kat asked.

“Well, yes,” I said with a smile. “Even though I was excited about the thought of it, I really wasn’t sure how I would feel when it actually happened. But I feel great. What do you think, babe?”

“Me too.” Bella nodded with a smile of her own. “I did enjoy it a lot, and I’m also relieved that Jeff was into it. I didn’t know how either one of us would take it once I was actually in the middle of things, either. He and Mike had a quick chat afterwards, which was kind of surreal, but overall I think it really settled things in my mind once I saw how relaxed they were with each other, you know?”

“Talking to Mike like that was a bit weird for me too,” I admitted. “I mean, I was talking to a guy who had just fingered my wife and then gave me a handshake with the very same hand.”

“Didn’t you find that arousing?” Tim interrupted, genuinely curious.

“I actually did!” I answered with no hesitation.

Bella seemed surprised by my last statement, and turned to look at me with wide eyes. “You did?”

“Yes, babe,” I replied. “It was definitely a turn-on. I thought that it made the experience feel more real, as well.”

“Did you end up just watching or did you actually jump in at some point?” Kat asked, as I remembered that she had suggested participating if I was comfortable with the idea before leaving to return to Tim.

“I just watched until Bella came,” I answered. “But then Mike suggested that Bella and I talk before we went any further.”

“That’s a good idea,” Tim replied. “Mike knows what he’s doing, so he probably wanted to make sure that you guys tread carefully as you move forward.”

“Yes, I liked that too.” Bella slid back into the conversation. “I thought it was thoughtful of him. He also offered to join us a little later if we decided to continue our experience tonight.”

“Are you going to?” Kat asked with that evil grin on her face again.

I looked at Bella, who seemed hesitant to answer, but I thought I knew why so I gave her a little push. “I think Bella wants to.”

“But do you, Jeff?” Tim asked before Bella could answer.

“I do as long as Bella does. I mean, I’m assuming they’d go much further this time around, so I’d want her to be absolutely sure. What do you think, babe?”

“I think I’d like to. I mean, I felt really comfortable with him and I now feel even more at ease knowing that you enjoyed watching me as well. And it felt really good to be wanted, you know, sexually like that. Also, it felt really naughty to be doing something sexual in front of my husband.” I could see the confidence settle over Bella’s features as she thought aloud, and that only increased my desire to continue our adventure.

“I think you guys are really going to enjoy yourselves,” Kat assured us. “Maybe you shouldn’t waste any more time, then?”

“She’s right, guys,” Tim jumped in. “If you guys want to play with Mike further, you should probably catch up with him while there is still good sexy energy between you guys.”

“I’m still wet,” Bella admitted, surprising all of us with her shy yet straightforward statement.

“Then go get some, girl!” Kat laughed, making the decision final by waving us towards the doorway. “There’s no sense standing around here with us when there is fucking to be done!”

Bella looked at me with her big eyes, and as I nodded in agreement, she took my hand and stood up from her stool.

“Any last words of wisdom?” Bella asked as she glanced back to Tim and Kat.

“Yes!” Kat’s evil smile was back. “Don’t get his cum on that pretty little dress of yours!”

We all grinned. It was funny, sure, but more so arousingly scary as it hit me that the next encounter would probably end up with Mike getting his “big O” with my wife. Would he too get it via oral as Bella did earlier? Or would he end up having full on intercourse with my wife as I watched? Part of tonight’s excitement was the unpredictable nature of our adventure, and as I grew more at ease I realized that I was okay with not knowing what would happen next and letting things unfold on their own.

Bella turned around and we walked off hand in hand. We figured that Mike might be in the kitchen area grabbing a drink, and that was where we found him as we passed through the doorway.

Mike greeted us as soon as he noticed Bella and I approaching. “Hey guys!”

“Hi!” Bella greeted him back, her words flirty, her smile cute, and her eyes lit up with a familiar spark.

It was surreal to see my wife flirting with Mike, as I knew that her primary focus was no longer on me but on her sexual encounter with that other man. I backed off a little so that they could have a moment, and they did! Mike turned to face Bella and gave her a wet kiss right on her lips as she reached up to him with one hand, the other still holding mine.

For a moment I thought about letting her go and retreating a bit to assume more of a voyeur role again. But Bella did not seem to want to let my hand go just yet. She appeared to be incredibly comfortable in this new scenario, being literally shared by two men: her husband and her new carnal interest.

“Jeff and I talked,” Bella said directly to Mike, as though I was not even a part of the conversation, “and we want to move forward.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” Mike replied, his tone of voice confident and casual. “Let me refill your drink and we’ll find a spot to settle in.”

“I’d like that,” Bella replied flirtatiously. She offered her glass to Mike, who poured a few more splashes of wine into it with one hand while placing the other on Bella’s lower back. She took a quick sip from the glass and looked up at him with a smile. “Thank you.”

“Let’s see if we can find a spot somewhere,” Mike suggested, letting Bella lead the way back to the hallway by subtly guiding her from behind.

Bella sauntered down the hall with Mike at her heels, and I followed after them both. It felt a little like I had been cut off from my own wife, but in a way that was true since her current sexual desire was Mike, and I was just there to witness him taking advantage of the fact.

The first room was too full and did not have enough room available for us to “play”, as they say in the lifestyle. We followed the hallway further and peeked into the same room where I had previously found Mike and Bella together. It wasn’t as crowded, so we went in.

Bella led Mike around the corner to the very spot of their earlier encounter, and to my surprise it was still available. As soon she got there she turned to face Mike with a shy look, as she obviously wanted Mike to guide her through what would happen next. He did not waste much time, pulling her towards him and into another kiss right there as I watched. Mike’s hands slid down to caress and squeeze my wife’s buttocks through her dress even as she pressed eagerly against her new lover’s broad chest, their mouths dovetailing together in that hungry, greedy way which I was all too familiar with.

I watched silently, mouth going dry, and found myself unable to tear my gaze away.

As their lips finally unlocked, Bella glanced over at me to check and see if I still approved of this naughty encounter. I smiled a little and nodded to let her know that I was still fully on board.

Mike gently guided Bella onto the couch, and then suddenly turned towards me. “Jeff, come sit down next to us. I think we may need your help.”

I hadn’t expected that. Bella and I looked at each other with a bit of surprise because we didn’t really know what that would require, since up until then I had just been a spectator.

“Of course,” I answered, obediently sitting next to Bella on the other side of the couch and still not knowing what my role might be.

“Here,” said Mike, nodding pointedly at Bella. “Help me undress your beautiful wife.”

Bella and I once again shared a surprised glance, but as our spontaneous actions so far that evening had gone so well, it was obvious that both of us were okay with just letting things happen and seeing where we’d end up.

Mike wasted no time and waited for no response from me as he gently lifted Bella’s legs by her ankles, one at a time, and began taking her shoes off to lead the way in this curious new ritual. Bella leaned back towards me to help lift her legs for Mike. I followed his lead and grasped the hem of Bella’s dress to start taking it off for him, the garment already having ridden up around her thighs.

Bella looked at me with a naughty smile as she bit her lip a little and lifted her butt up off the couch just enough to make it easier for me to remove her dress. She didn’t take her eyes away from mine as I pulled the fabric up over her, exposing her gorgeous body to her lover on the other side. I could sense that she was fully aware that I, her husband, was essentially helping to prep my wife for a sexual encounter with another man, a thought that seemed to arouse both of us as we continued to look into each other’s eyes. In that moment, the incredible sexual connection between us flared and sizzled in our minds.

Setting both of Bella’s shoes down on the floor, Mike took his shirt off as well. His muscular body drew Bella’s attention right away as I saw her look his exposed torso up and down with undisguised lust. She reclined against the cushions, clad in nothing more than her bra and panties, and waited for Mike to come closer. Mike’s hands stroked the smooth skin of Bella’s knees and slowly slid up her thighs and under the top of Bella’s sexy black thong, pinching it away from her body as he looked up at her with a questioning expression. Bella knew what he meant. She once again lifted her butt off the couch, letting Mike pull her thong down her long, sexy legs. A tiny string of her juices stretched between her pussy lips and the fabric. She was soaking wet.

Sucking in a shaky breath, I kept moving and ignored the appreciative throb of my cock at the sight.

I continued to follow Mike’s instruction and unclasped the back of Bella’s bra. She lifted up her arms just slightly to help me guide the bra from her body, the last piece of my wife’s clothing hiding her from the view of her hungry lover; he stared wantonly at her newly exposed, perky breasts as the garment fell away, the beginnings of arousal already starting to tent the front of his jeans. As Mike leaned towards her Bella’s lips fell open in a soft, eager little gasp, her nipples visibly tightening in anticipation of his touch.

There was no going back. My wife’s bare, voluptuous body was just about to be taken advantage of right there in front of me.

And I wanted to watch it happen.

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