Narrated audio version of Cuckold's Diary

I was standing in the dark corner of a swinger club and watching my wife Bella in a heavy make out session with her new friend Mike, his finger just having slipped inside of her to send her body shivering in pleasure. Many conflicting emotions of excitement and anxiety had been running through my mind, which was still digesting this new visual for the first time. I was in control and could stop what was happening in front of me at any moment. But I wouldn’t. I was mesmerized and aroused by what I was seeing, and I was anxious to know what would happen next.

Bella’s moans began to grow louder as Mike took advantage of her willing body, overwhelming her with an ecstasy that left her no longer able to kiss him back. Her head fell back against the couch while Mike peppered kisses along her neck and down to her heaving cleavage.

“I’m gonna go back and keep Tim company,” Kat whispered in my ear. “You’re welcome to join us and share your thoughts whenever you’re ready.”

“Thank you.” I smiled at Kat. “I will watch a little and then I may come and pick your brains again if you’re still there.”

“You can go closer and even participate a little if you want, you know.” Kat slipped one more idea in my mind before leaving. “Mike knows husbands often like to do that, and he’s okay with it.”

Kat gave me a cute pat on my back and took off. I knew I was on my own. Her idea started worming its way into to my mind, leaving me a bit torn. On one hand I enjoyed watching Bella and Mike as a voyeur when I knew they were not aware of me watching. On the other hand I wondered if I should make myself part of the experience and see if I could at least introduce myself and check in with Bella.

But before I could make up my mind, I could see Bella start to shiver a little more as Mike ramped up his efforts. I could see her inner thighs start to shake, hear her moans get a little louder, and see her stomach spasm in rhythm with the movements of Mike’s hand. I knew she was very close. I stood rooted in place as I knew I was just about to witness another man give my wife an orgasm right there in front of me.

My cock ached beneath the fabric of my pants, wanting relief after everything I’d seen and heard tonight, but I could not draw my eyes away from the sight of my wife being fingered by someone else even for the sake of my own pleasure.  I pressed the heel of my hand against my crotch, massaging gently as I watched.

It only took a few more pumps of his hand under Bella’s skirt before her body finally reached the point of no return. Her chest rose up and her hands gripped Mike’s clothes as her moans transitioned into screams, lasting for what seemed like an eternity as he brought her to what appeared to be a deep and paralyzing orgasm. As the waves of pleasure started to calm and subside, I could see Mike’s hand slide back out from under her skirt as her legs pressed together once more, a glistening sheen decorating his sticky fingers. This came as no surprise as I knew that Bella got very wet when highly excited.

Bella’s eyes fluttered open and she started to come to, staring up into Mike’s eyes. He leaned in and gave her a wet kiss as her weak body clung to his. As reality started to return she tried to sit up and gather herself, looking around. I knew sooner or later she was going to spot me. I wanted to come closer and announce myself since it seemed that they weren’t in a rush to move forward with their encounter. However, before I was able to move, her eyes locked onto me and she realized that I was there. I could see happiness and maybe even a bit of embarrassment paint her face as she smiled awkwardly. I couldn’t blame her. After all, she had just realized that her husband watched her climax in the arms of another man, something that we wouldn’t have thought could ever happen only a couple of weeks ago.

I smiled back and moved towards them. Bella leaned into Mike and said something to him which made him turn towards me as I approached their spot. It wasn’t hard to guess what she said. What an extraordinary sight! And what a weird moment. I was just about to meet someone who mere seconds ago was pleasing my wife and gave her a loud orgasm right there at the very spot where they still sat. I was also just about to “meet” my wife for the first time after her first sexual experience with someone other than me since we’d started dating.

“Hi, honey.” Bella smiled, still trying to find the strength to sit up straight again. “This is Mike, Kat’s friend.”

Mike took the opportunity to speak first. “You must be Jeff.”

“I am. You must be Mike,” I replied.

“You have a beautiful wife,” Mike continued. “Thank you for letting me play with her.”

I took a moment to come to terms with the fact that a man I’d just met was thanking me for letting him use my wife for sexual pleasure like he was just borrowing a cup of sugar.

“It’s our first time doing something like this,” I said, moving my eyes to Bella’s flushed face. “If it wasn’t for Tim and Kat we probably would never have moved forward so quickly.”

“I too am grateful to Kat for the introduction.” Mike sounded genuine, which helped put me at ease. “I hope you’re not having any regrets so far. I’m happy to be the very first guy you are trusting to help ease you two into the lifestyle.”

“This is all still very surreal to me.” I wasn’t holding my feelings back. “I wasn’t sure how I would feel seeing my wife with another guy.”

“What are your first thoughts?” Mike asked.

“I think I found it arousing,” I answered honestly.

“Were you watching us all this time, honey?” Bella asked while remaining tucked very closely to Mike, which still felt strange yet very hot at the same time.

“I got here while you were in in the middle of things and have been watching you ever since. You looked very hot, babe.” I reassured Bella so she knew that I was okay with what was happening.

“She is very sexy indeed,” said Mike as he rubbed Bella’s leg with his hand.

“Honey, I told Mike about some of the things we’ve talked about and he is totally on board with whatever we want to try,” Bella said, placing her hand atop of Mike’s and casually stroking his fingers.

“She did, and I’d love to be a part of it,” Mike continued her thought. “But I would suggest that maybe I leave you guys alone for a few minutes so you can catch up and make sure we are all on the same page, since this is probably a lot for both of you to take in at once.”

“I think that may be a good idea, Mike. Thank you,” I replied while Bella nodded in agreement.

“Great!” Mike took his hand off of Bella’s sexy leg and stood, though not before leaning back to give her one last juicy kiss on her lips. She looked at me as their lips connected with a guilty yet satisfied expression, which made this moment that much more sexually intense.

Mike then reached out to me and shook my hand with a smile. “I’m going to go grab a drink, but I’ll be around in case you want to chat or if Bella wants to play some more later tonight.”

“We probably will,” I replied, fully aware that I was shaking the very hand that only a couple of minutes ago was inside of my wife, pleasuring her to a full orgasm. I also knew it still bore her smell, which probably now rubbed off onto my hand as well.

Mike smiled again and walked away, turning the corner in only a few steps and disappearing into the darkness. I glanced back at Bella, who was still sitting on the couch with a very naughty yet shy look in her face.

“How are you feeling, honey?” Bella asked as soon as I sat down next to her.

I caressed her leg where Mike’s hand had been only a few moments ago, both to reclaim my territory and to reassure her. “I’m feeling great, babe. I am still a bit taken aback, but in a good way. In a great way, actually.”

“Did you like what you saw?” Bella asked, her voice still tinged with worry.

“I think I loved it,” I replied honestly. “I kind of wished you hadn’t stopped.”

“Really?” Bella sounded surprised yet excited. “I actually wasn’t even sure that I should have gone as far as letting him touch me down there, you know?”

“It was really hot to see him do that and then make you cum like he did,” I said, assuring her of my approval over what I had just witnessed.

“So, all of this is a good thing?” Bella was still intent on making sure it was okay to feel good about what she had just done. It was cute.

“I think so, babe,” I replied with enthusiasm with my voice. “How about you? How do you feel? Did you enjoy it? Do you want to move forward with this?”

“I don’t even know how to say it but…” Bella grabbed my hand tighter and her eyes filled with excitement colored with a drop of confusion. “I think I feel guilty about how good it felt.”

I laughed. “Why do you feel guilty? Both of us enjoyed it.”

“I don’t know why,” Bella replied, looking a little lost. “I did enjoy it. And I believe you when you say that you did, too. It’s just so new and… crazy!”

“It is new,” I said, trying to comfort her in the very thoughts that we both seemed to share, “and I don’t really care if it’s crazy. I think it’s great that we are exploring it. I see now what Tim and Kat were talking about and I want to experience more. As long as we are on the same page, right?”

“You’re right, honey.” Some of the worry seemed to drain from Bella’s face. “I did like it a lot. It felt so naughty and new that I just kind of lost myself in the moment.”

“You looked incredibly sexy when you were cumming,” I admitted, sharing my voyeuristic excitement.

“I did?” Bella smiled. “And you didn’t feel jealous?”

“Not at all,” I answered quickly. “It was weird because I assumed that’s what it would feel like, but instead this amazing feeling of arousal came over me and I just couldn’t stop watching you with him.”

“Did you like watching from far away, or did you want to come closer or maybe even do something to me at the same time?” Bella asked playfully, which took me by surprise.

I hadn’t thought about that possibility at all. I mean, I remembered that we were told that some men liked to be close or participate while their wives were “playing” with other men, but I hadn’t really thought about it in terms of myself. Bella’s forward thinking made me feel like she was really into this, which definitely fueled my enjoyment of the experience even more.

“I did like watching you,” I answered after a pause. “I didn’t really think to come closer, but that’s an interesting thought. Would you have wanted me to?”

“I actually don’t know, honey,” Bella replied. “I was kind of caught up in the moment and doing my own thing like Kat had recommended, and I wasn’t really thinking of you then. Does that sound bad?”

I had to admit that the thought of my wife enjoying the sexual attention of another man so much that she forgot I even existed did take me a little aback, but much like almost everything else I’d heard and witnessed tonight, it also aroused me.

“No. I love the fact that you were caught up in what you were doing and had an amazing time,” I answered honestly.

Bella smiled and bit her lip as I saw something naughty begin to brew in her mind. “So, what do you want to do now?”

“I don’t know,” I answered; I wanted to find out what she was thinking. “What would you like to do, honey? Are we done for the night? Do you want to check in with Tim and Kat? Or would you rather continue playing with Mike?”

“I really want to see what happens next with Mike, as long as you’re okay with it.” She once again surprised me by coaxing things forward, no longer shy or hiding her excitement as she spoke, her eyes sparkling.

“Why don’t we do this?” I came up with a plan. “Why don’t we check in with Kat and Tim and see if they have any thoughts about this, and then we can approach Mike and see if he’s up for more? I’m sure they’ll have something helpful to say.”

“That’s a great idea, babe,” Bella replied. “Let’s see if we can find them.”

Bella grabbed my hand like we were teens heading out on our first date to an ice cream parlor. We wove our way back to the main area through the sounds, sights and smells of the sexually charged energy that had now thickened throughout the entire place, eager to find out what would happen next.


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