Narrated audio version of Cuckold's Diary

There I was, sitting in the main room of a swinger club while my wife had gone to explore a potential sexual experience with a stranger somewhere else in the mysterious labyrinth of this newly found universe. It was an idea that had been presented to us by our new friends Kat and Tim, which we had decided to give a try. Kat had just come back from checking up on my wife Bella as Tim kept me company, and the anticipation of hearing about what she’d seen was killing me.

My mind was running a thousand miles a second as Kat finally took her seat back at our table. I could not wait any longer. “So, how is she doing?”

“She was definitely being a little shy,” said Kat. “She was just watching in one of the rooms at first.”

“That sounds like her,” I replied.

“I asked her how she was doing and she said that she was a little anxious but excited, which is a good thing,” Kat continued. “But then I saw our friend Mike passing by and I thought that he would be a great guy for her to meet.”

“That’s actually an excellent idea!” Tim sounded confident. “We’ve known Mike for a while but never really played with him. He’s very respectful, and he has some good experience with couples.”

“That sounds like exactly what we need,” I replied with confirmation. “Was Bella receptive?”

“She was. I did ask her if she found him attractive before I brought him over to meet her,” Kat continued. “She gave me the green light, so I introduced them.”

A question instantly sprung into my mind, but I wasn’t sure of the best way to ask. “Did you mention…”

“That she was married and that her husband was here?” Kat seemed to read my mind, which could not have possibly been that much of a challenge considering the circumstances.

“Yes!” I laughed.

“Of course,” Kat assured me. “I told him the whole story and about the setup. He actually said that he had done this sort of thing with another couple, so this wasn’t new to him.”

“Good job, honey!” Tim kissed his wife, obviously approving of her matchmaking abilities.

“We will see how things go,” Kat replied, sounding cautiously optimistic as she continued. “I told her that I’d be back to check up on her later, and then I left.”

“Thank you for doing that,” I said, as I thought that this was a great place to start in order to test how I felt about the whole experiment. “I don’t know if and how we would have managed to make the first step without your ideas and help.”

“Don’t mention it,” Tim replied. “It’s our pleasure. We want to see everyone enjoy this lifestyle. Once you guys get into it and have a few good experiences under your belt, you will find yourselves helping others just as much.”

Things were moving faster than I had ever anticipated, but somehow I was okay with being at the mercy of spontaneity. I thought we were lucky to have met Tim and Kat and have some “adult supervision” while we started our journey into the lifestyle. We probably would never have come up with any of the ideas they had for us on our own, and who knew if we would even know where to begin as far as looking for someone to try things out with.

As anxious as I was to find out what would happen next with Bella and her new friend Mike, I ended up carrying on a very nice conversation with Tim and Kat about how they met and how their relationship had evolved to land them at the doorstep of this lifestyle. Their story was similar to ours, as they’d been married for many years, had kids, and lived very “normal” lives until they had realized that their sex life needed a jump start. It was interesting to discover that we weren’t an exception in how we got there, and it seemed that Tim and Kat had heard similar stories a few times over from other couples that they had met in the lifestyle.

“I think it’s time for me to check up on your sexy wife again,” said Kat as our conversation slowed down, and I realized that it had been a while since she’d first seen what Bella was up to.

“Go for it, honey,” Tim agreed. “I’m sure Jeff is dying to know what she’s up to.”

“Oh, I am,” I confirmed without hesitation.

Kat got off her stool and walked away, disappearing down the hallway again.

“What do you think your wife is doing right now?” Tim asked the question that had been circling my mind during our entire conversation.

“I can’t even guess,” I replied honestly. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she is still standing around and talking about the weather with that guy, not a single dirty thought in her head.”

“Maybe you’re not giving Bella enough credit,” Tim interrupted. “She may be a kinkier girl than you had ever realized. It is amazing what can happen to a woman’s sexuality once you assure her that it is okay to let it loose.”

“I think I’m secretly hoping that she is,” I replied. “I know that if things were to happen with us and this lifestyle, it would have to be her who would lead the way. I wouldn’t be comfortable the other way around, as I would feel like I’m pushing her into it.”

“That’s a great way of looking at it,” Tim agreed.

Before I could reply, I saw Kat reappear from the darkness and quickly walk up to our table. She had an evil smile on her face and a spark in her eyes. Tim and I knew at once that she had seen something really exciting, and I knew what that probably meant for me.

“Come with me.” Kat grabbed my hand and almost yanked me out of my seat.

I knew this was it. I knew I was just about to see something that I was either going to really love or really hate. Of course, I was hoping for the former. As a matter of fact I was almost sure that I would love it; I just didn’t know what kind of emotions and feelings it would invoke along the way.

Kat lead me through the main hall and then finally turned into the exhibitionist room. The room was L-shaped so that you couldn’t see everything at once until you turned the corner. My heart felt like it was trying to beat its way out of my chest.

Kat stopped for a second and turned to me. “Are you ready?”

“I think I am,” I replied honestly.

“I think you are too.” Kat’s smile and gentle assurance actually calmed my nerves a little.

She yanked my hand again and lead me through the throngs of people watching, screwing, and everything in between. As we got to the corner of the room I was then able to see the second part of it. My eyes scanned the dim area as fast as they could, trying to find what I was looking for. I knew I was just about to see something I would probably never forget.

There! There she was! She sat on a loveseat in the corner of the room with… well, with another man whom I assumed to be Tim and Kat’s friend, Mike. They were in the middle of a heavy and passionate kiss, side by side yet pressed intimately against one another as their bodies slowly shifted and moved in pleasure. A thousand different emotions and thoughts ran through my mind. There she was, my wife Bella, in the arms of another man. Right in front of me.

“How do you feel?” Kat interrupted my moment, still holding my hand tightly.

“I think…” I paused, still gathering my thoughts. “I think I’m still very much aroused.”

As I said those words I realized just how tight my pants had gotten, and my mind was filling with lust. Not jealousy. Not anger. Just anxious lust. I did feel, much like John had mentioned in the past, like someone whose favorite toy was being played with by another kid. And I liked it.

“Do you want to stay and watch?” Kat asked.

“I do,” I answered. “I don’t think I can peel my eyes off of her.”

“She does look like she is really enjoying it,” Kat said, biting her lip in obvious appreciation of the sight.

The original shock from such a new visual started to subside. The more I stared at my wife being caressed and kissed by another man, the more excited I became. What an odd feeling! It was official—I was definitely aroused by watching my dear wife sexually enjoying another man in front of my naked eyes.

Kat and I were too far away from Mike and Bella for them to notice us, so I wanted to continue watching what happened, as I knew she was caught up in the moment and had no idea that I was there.

As Bella was locked in a long kiss with Mike, her hands clung eagerly to his muscular biceps while his slid all over her, taking advantage of her position on the couch. I knew exactly how her body felt in his arms at that very moment. This was truly an out of body experience to be watching another man in my place with my wife. It reminded me of that movie “Ghost”, and that’s how it felt: I was the ghost in the room, quietly standing there, invisibly watching my wife enjoy someone else’s body.

I knew exactly how she felt to him as his hands brushed against her hair. I knew exactly what his mouth felt as it locked with Bella’s small but full lips, and how she tasted as his tongue coaxed them apart to delve between. I knew how intoxicated Bella’s sexy perfume must have been making him. I knew all of these sensations, even if I wasn’t the one experiencing them at this moment. It was another strange man enjoying all of the amazing pleasures of my wife’s body as I willingly stood there and watched it unfold.

A few more moments passed by and I noticed his hand making its way under the skirt that had already ridden up Bella’s thighs. Her hand grabbed his, pausing its progress. Was she telling him to slow down or stop? I could feel myself mentally rooting for him to continue, to get further with her. What an odd yet arousing feeling! I was rooting for another man to take advantage of my wife! Mike’s lips peeled off of Bella’s and made their way onto her neck and drifted up behind her ear, which I knew was going to drive her crazy. As he landed a few soft kisses there, I could see her eyes roll back and her body tremble in ecstasy. Her hand slowly eased its grip on Mike’s, and he started pressing it further up Bella’s leg, no longer challenged. It didn’t take long before she had completely let go and Mike’s hand disappeared under her skirt.

“Do you need to take a breather, maybe go talk to Tim about what you’ve seen and how you’re feeling? Or would you rather stay and see where this goes?” Kat whispered in my ear, repeating her earlier question.

But my answer still hadn’t changed. “I definitely want to stay and watch,” I replied without taking my eyes off of the action.

“Do you want me to stay with you for now?” Kat checked in.

“Just for a few more minutes,” I replied, knowing that I did find comfort in having her close by.

Mike continued kissing the arch of Bella’s neck and I could see the pleasure rolling through her body as she moved ever so gracefully in his arms. Her hands clutched at his shoulders as he kept gently kissing her with her hair draping over some of his face.

Suddenly, Bella’s body shuddered and her eyes opened wide as her mouth gasped for air. It was obvious that Mike’s hand had finally reached its destination and that she felt his presence at what I knew had to be soaking wet pussy lips. I could see her relax and slowly spread her thighs even wider as she no longer resisted his advances. A few more moments passed and I saw Mike’s hand push just a few inches further, and I realized that his fingers were now inside of her. Her body jerked as pleasure shot through her, her legs enthusiastically and completely parting under his welcome assault, and I heard her let out a slow but intense moan as her arms wound around his muscular body to pull him closer.


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