Narrated audio version of Cuckold's Diary

I was sitting on the couch of a swinger club next to my naked wife Bella, who sat sandwiched between me and her new lover, Mike. Bella had just made him cum in her mouth and was now happily resting with his juices still shimmering on the curve of her bottom lip.

I had to admit that even though I was open to exploring and letting things happen tonight as long as Bella was on board, I was still pretty surprised at how far we had gotten so quickly. At the same time I was happy we had, because it had certainly been the experience of a lifetime and it seemed that we both were very much into it.

“How do you feel, babe?” I asked, curious to see where Bella was at this point of the night.

“I feel good. Naughty and dirty but in a good way,” she said as she clasped my hand between her own. “What about you, honey?”

“That was seriously hot,” I replied, not bothering to hold back my excitement at what had just happened in front of me. “Can you believe we just did this?”

“I can’t, but I’m so glad we did,” she replied. “I was really nervous about how this would feel, and most importantly, how you would feel. But I loved it!”

“What should we do now?” Perhaps she wanted to grab another drink or maybe chat more with Mike about the lifestyle and possibly staying in touch.

But once again my wife surprised me. “I want to give you a blowjob too.”

“You do?” I asked, unable to hide my surprise.

“Yes,” Bella replied. “I could see that you were hard all this time and I want you to release in me too.”

I knew where my wife’s lips had been only a few minutes ago, but that only made me want them even more. I tossed my shirt over the back of the couch before unbuttoning my pants and slipping them off. I didn’t even care that we were surrounded by strangers in this room, or that the man who had just blown his hot load into my wife was still sitting naked on the same couch only a few feet away from me.

Bella dropped down to her knees again, this time in front of me, and took me all the way in. She effortlessly swallowed me whole, unlike she did with Mike’s large member. Mike watched from beside us with a smile on his face.

“She can’t stop, can’t she?” He asked jokingly.

“Hopefully she won’t!” I answered in kind as my wife’s soft lips slid over and around her second cock of the night.

She looked up at me with eyes full of faux innocence and then over to Mike to make sure both of us were watching her work. Even though I had gotten a blowjob from my wife many times before, this one felt different. I knew that only moments before these same lips and hands had been wrapped intimately around Mike, and here I was receiving sloppy seconds after my wife’s body had already been used for his pleasure.

I had to admit that knowing that Mike was watching us did add to my excitement, and I could tell that it added to Bella’s as well since she kept looking up to make sure both of us were focused on her. After a while she stopped sucking and looked up at me with a naughty expression. Without taking her eyes off of me she got up, climbed into my lap, and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto my erect cock. It felt amazing. It felt like I was entering her for the very first time. And in some ways I was. For a short period of time tonight she had belonged to another man and I was now reclaiming her; this was the first time I had made love to my wife after she had given herself to someone else.

As Bella’s slim body rode me up and down, the sound of her moans rose louder than usual. It was obvious that the new experience was having an effect on her too, even though it was with me, her lover of five years. Her pussy felt wetter than it generally did, her grinding bore down on me harder than ever, and even her cries of passion sounded new to my ears.

I could only imagine that her accompanying expression would be amazing, but as I looked up to see it, I was once again surprised to find that her eyes were on Mike, who still sat next to us and watched us fuck. She wasn’t smiling or flirting with him. She was simply looking at him with those big, innocent eyes of hers as her pussy slid on and off my cock with ease, their previous play having left her extremely wet.

That was another part of the experience I wasn’t expecting but that turned me on a great deal: my wife enjoying me sexually while having a visual connection to someone else who had just had her only a few minutes prior. Was she excited, thinking of one day having Mike’s cock inside of her instead of mine? Was she simply remembering how Mike’s lips felt on hers earlier that night? There was no way to tell, but the possibilities of what might be going through her mind were huge turn-ons that I never expected to experience before tonight.

Bella’s thrusts slowed and she put all of her weight on me as wrapped her arms around me in an intense embrace. That felt great. After a few moments she eased up her grip, slid off of me, and turned away to get into a doggy style position on the couch. Bella spread her legs, her cute bubbly ass arched teasingly towards me to expose her wet, delicate folds, and looked at me over her shoulder to let me know that she was ready for me to enter her once more.

She didn’t need to wait for long. I pushed myself into her again, grabbing her round ass with both of my hands and giving it an appreciative squeeze. As I began thrusting anew I noticed that Bella’s head was only about a foot away from Mike. She lifted her face and looked at him, and whatever he saw there was enough to make Mike smile. Something new happened yet again a few seconds later. Mike moved closer to Bella, and now her head pressed against his bare and still sweaty chest while one of her hands grabbed his. She used the other to support her petite body against his thigh as I continued to pound into her.

Yes, I was having sex with my wife while she made physical contact with someone else. The more I plunged myself into her, the more her pretty face was pushed into his muscular chest. I could feel my cock grow harder as I realized that I was then truly sharing her with another man, and it was her choice to be shared this way.

As we kept going Bella’s hands grew weaker and her balance began to waiver. When she started to lower herself down, she seemed to realize just how close her face had gotten to Mike’s crotch and stared at his still hard member, not hesitating to make the best out of this fortunate circumstance. Resting her breasts against his left leg, she propped herself up just enough to not fall face-first into his package and instead opened her mouth, gently licking the large balls which she was no longer a stranger to.

My wife was officially pleasing two men at the same time, a turn which I could not have foreseen even half an hour ago despite my very open mind. I continued finding myself extremely turned on by what I had become a part of.

As we kept going Mike’s cock swelled to its full size and began to rub against Bella’s pretty cheek, and she didn’t wait for long before making the next move. As her lips peeled off of Mike’s now glistening balls, she quickly wrapped them around his cock. She then had two men inside of her.

I couldn’t believe how comfortable she was with all of the developments of the evening, which were in a large part led by her curiosity and willingness to experiment. I could not help but wonder if his much larger member was simply more appealing to her now, and if even though she had mine inside of her, she secretly wished it was Mike spreading her pussy lips instead of me. My arousal spiked at those thoughts, my aching cock twitching eagerly in Bella’s mouth.

I could see Bella’s pretty lips sliding up and down Mike’s firm cock and I could hear the perverse sounds she made while eating him up. There was no way of telling which of her moans came from receiving pleasure from me and which came from Mike’s contribution to the situation.

Watching my wife being so sexually open and making no excuses for wanting to be used by two men quickly drove me to arousal’s peak. I could no longer hold off and I knew I was nearing the point of no return.

Already so close, I looked up to see that Mike too seemed to be inching closer towards the edge, his body contracting and his moans growing louder. Since I had seen him orgasm only a short time ago, I knew what his body language meant. I looked down at Bella, who seemed to sense it as well and began working on Mike’s member more aggressively, the wet slurp of her lips and her muffled sounds of pleasure helping neither of us maintain our barely-held control. It only took a few more seconds before Mike once again shattered under the same ecstasy that my wife’s mouth had driven him into earlier in the evening, cumming loudly as his body convulsed in short spasms.

Bella sealed her pretty mouth around his dick to make sure that not a single drop went to waste.  That sight was the last straw that finally sent me over the top. I ejaculated inside of my wife with a loud groan, her hips grasped tightly in my hands as I filled her with my cum, fully aware that she was being filled by two men at the same time in two of her available holes.

Once my orgasm subsided and came to a stop, I pulled out of her tight little pussy and flopped down next to her on the couch. Mike’s moans came to the end as well, so Bella finally popped her lips off of his now softening cock and looked back at me.

“Did you enjoy yourself, honey?” She asked, a few drops of his cum still visible on her pretty lips.

“It was amazing, babe,” I replied. “I’m spent.”

Bella smiled and got up to plant herself between Mike and I, the two naked men she had just had inside of her only a few moments before. She seemed so comfortable and happy; it was truly amazing and arousing to see.

“This was great for me, guys,” Mike spoke as he started to get up. “I’m going to take a shower and leave you two to each other. Let’s exchange numbers before you leave if you would like to keep in touch.”

“It was fun for us too,” I replied quickly. “I think it’s safe to say that we’d love to stay in touch.”

“Yes, come back and we’ll trade information,” Bella confirmed, looking up at him as he stood.

Mike leaned in and gave Bella one more kiss, which she eagerly leaned into.

Once Mike had disappeared down the dark hallway, we both looked at each other with big smiles. It was obvious that we had much to talk about.

“That was amazing,” Bella said with an exhausted yet happy tone in her voice.

“It sure was, honey,” I echoed her sentiment.

“I think I’m too exhausted to mingle with anybody else after this. Do you think we should just call it a night and head home?” Bella asked.

“I feel the same way, babe,” I agreed with her, as I knew we had taken our experience farther than we ever thought we would and that we were both probably more than ready to call it a night.

We slipped back into our clothes, pausing here and there to exchange sloppy kisses.  The room had grown quiet, most of the people around us finishing up as well or having already left. Once fully dressed, we made our way back to the main area where we spotted Mike chatting with Tim and Kat, still bare except for the towel wrapped around his waist. I had almost forgotten that he was their referral, for the lack of a better word.

We exchanged contact information with all three of them, and despite knowing that Kat and Tim were curious about the details of our encounter, we said our goodbyes, citing the late hour and the fact that we were totally spent. We did promise to tell them everything the next time we talked.

We could not find Jessi and Mark, the hosts of the club, to say farewell, but we assumed that they were probably busy somewhere else with the operations of the club. We stepped outside, got into our car, and started our drive home. We didn’t really talk much as we just wanted to soak in the moment and gather our thoughts. I was wondering, as I’m sure Bella was too, whether this night was just a one-time experience or the beginning of a completely different lifestyle for us. I believed that I knew the answer, but I figured we should talk and figure things out once we had a good night’s sleep and time to listen to each other’s feedback and organize our thoughts. No matter what, this was a night to remember for the rest of our lives, and I think we both knew it!

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