Narrated audio version of Cuckold's Diary

We had settled down on a couch in the exhibitionist room, taking in the overwhelming yet fascinating scene as it unfolded in front of us like a 3D porno movie. After a while we heard a distinct moan coming from the couch right next to us. We hadn’t really been paying attention to our neighbors up until that point, but we turned our heads to see a topless woman with one breast being sucked by the guy she was sitting on top of.

“Oh my God, babe,” Bella whispered in my ear. “That’s John!”

“The guy we met in the kitchen?” I replied.

“Yes, the single guy we were talking to,” she answered.

Indeed, as he paused to guide his mouth to the other nipple I was now able to recognize him. His hands grabbed her by her ass as she slowly ground down on him with her head rolled back in bliss to face the ceiling.  Another guy was sitting next to them on the other side of the couch, who I assumed to be her husband or boyfriend. He was keeping a bit of a distance and watching every single move.

After a couple of minutes of heavy kissing and groping, John gently pushed the girl off of him.  Instead of letting her rise, though, he grabbed her hair and used it to guide her down to her knees right between his spread legs. She seemed taken a bit by a surprise but quickly obeyed and smiled up at him, her cheeks flushed with excitement. John unzipped his jeans and unbuckled his belt with one hand while still holding the girl by her hair with the other, and without a word he pushed her towards himself in a way that suggested that she finish the job. She obediently leaned forward to grab his jeans and pull them off.

He lifted his hips a little so she could slide his jeans free, and his bare, half-aroused cock fell out of them. She quickly threw his jeans to the floor and grabbed him, fingers stroking eagerly over his hardened member. It took only a few more moments for him to get fully aroused, and before she finished admiring his large cock, he pushed her head pointedly towards it. Bracing her hands on his bare thighs, she opened her mouth and quickly swallowed down as much of him as she could, moaning softly in pleasure. Stuffed full and stretched wide, her overwhelmed mouth grew wet with saliva that quickly began to dribble down her chin while her lips slid up and down over his shaft.

As someone who’d never been in the same room as other people having sex, it was a little unusual to be this close, but at the same time incredibly exciting. Bella kept shooting me glances to make sure we were watching the same thing. I saw curiosity and enthusiasm in her eyes, which left me even more excited. She grabbed me a little tighter even though we were already cuddling pretty close on our couch.

John guided the girl’s movements, keeping his hold on to her hair, the blissful moans rising from his throat making it clear just how much she was getting into it. He leaned all the way back into the couch cushions and closed his eyes as he let himself succumb to lust. The girl was hungry for his cock and she was switching between sucking his cock and sucking on his balls, another part of him which was impressively large. It made for such an arousing image that her husband, who was sitting on the other side of the couch, rubbed himself through his pants as he watched his wife pleasure another man.

“I guess John wasn’t kidding that most couples approach him so that the wife can experience a bigger cock,” I whispered into Bella’s ear as we were both watched.

“Yeah, he’s really big,” Bella answered with some admiration, her eyes fixed on the sight in front of us.

My gaze returned to John’s face and saw that he had noticed us watching. He looked at me and smiled politely. I smiled back. Then he looked at Bella and gave her a bit of a wink, the sort of a sexy “hey, baby” wink meant to send a woman’s heart pounding. I immediately glanced over at Bella and saw her look down shyly, a smile playing on her lips. By the time she looked back up he had already returned his focus to the other woman and what she was doing to him.

After another minute or so I saw John lean in to say something to the girl’s husband, who nodded in response and got up to get behind his wife. He dropped to his knees and slid his hands over her torso and beneath her top, slowly drawing the silky fabric up to reveal more of her body.  Reluctant to pull away from her prize, she let John’s cock fall from her lips just long enough for her husband to draw her top over her head before diving down again with an eager slurp, her head still bobbing as her husband worked around her to take off the remaining clothing piece by piece.

“Wow, John must have told him to take his wife’s clothes off,” Bella murmured in my ear.

“I’m pretty sure he did,” I replied. “You know, I never thought about how two men would interact in this kind of a situation before.”

“Do you find it exciting?” Bella’s next words were something that I didn’t really expect or had even thought about. Yet I knew the answer right away.

“I don’t know why, but I do,” I whispered, unable to deny my own growing excitement at the sights and sounds before me.

“Me too,” she replied almost immediately, her breath a warm puff of air against my cheek as her fingers tightened in the fabric of my shirt.

I was wondering what was happening in her mind. But more importantly, I was wondering what was happening in mine. I knew we’d come over here to expand our horizons on sex and watch other people have sex in front of us. I also knew that it would be an opportunity for us to learn more about couple swapping. What I didn’t expect was to be introduced to the concept of men watching and participating as their wives had sex with other men, and find myself so drawn to it. Something I’d never expected or thought of before had already left me hard a few times this evening, and so had the sight of seeing my wife dance closely with another man!

What was going on?

I wasn’t sure if I had the answer. I was, however, sure that Bella enjoyed watching the same interactions, and I was happy that we were both on the same page. If Bella and I shared this desire, then I decided that it would be best for me to use my eyes more and my brain less, and see where the evening took us.

As the husband had finally gotten all of his wife’s clothes off, he then nudged her knees a little further apart and slid beneath her, his hands settling on her hips as he buried his face between her thighs. I watched her eyes widen and her body give a little shudder as his lips and tongue began teasing at her pussy, but she never faltered from the task at hand, which was pleasuring the man who held her head and thrust to meet each of her movements in sync.

“I wonder what it feels like for him,” I whispered into Bella’s ear again.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“How does it feel to go down on your own wife and feel her body movements, knowing that she is pleasing another man?” I clarified. “Do you think that is the part he enjoys?”

She chuckled, her lips curling in a cute little smile as she glanced at me. “You can ask him later, honey.”

I smiled back. I did not expect what came out of her mouth next, though.

“Unless you’d like to find out firsthand,” she murmured coyly into my ear.

It shocked me for a second. Was she really suggesting that we actually do something with another man? If so—was she proposing that we do it right here at the club, this very same night? The idea was surprisingly intriguing and I wanted to explore what she meant without closing any doors.

“Hmmmm. Would you?” I replied, tossing the ball back in her court.

She turned all the way around to face me with an incomprehensible look on her face. It was partially an expression of surprise and partially an expression of excitement, but I could not for the life of me figure out what it really meant. Bella stared at me for a few passing moments with that same look, but then leaned in to press her cheek to mine so that I couldn’t see her face as she replied.

“I don’t know, honey. This is all so new. I mean, if I thought about it, I think I would only consider it if you were really into it like her husband,” she said. “I mean, it would have to be fun for both of us and we would have to be totally on the same page.”

This wasn’t a “No”. The fact that my heart started beating faster in excitement at her words only validated just how into it I might be. That was just crazy! I mean, we’d arrived here tonight expecting to take on the role of spectators. I knew that we might end up considering other couples in one way or another, but I never imagined that the idea of watching my wife with someone else would emerge as my newly found fascination.

“I’ve gotta tell you, babe, I’m a bit confused by why I find this hot.” I tried to compose my thoughts as I replied to her. “But everything that got me excited tonight was kind of about that scenario.”

“Me too,” Bella sounded, as though a bit taken aback by her own discovery as well.

“I mean, is it weird that I found you dancing with Ron to be more arousing than when I danced with Lori?” I was still thinking out loud.

“I have to admit, it did get me excited that you were watching me with Ron,” she nodded in agreement. “More so than seeing you dance with Lori.”

“Really?” I was a bit astonished.

“Yes.” Surprise still colored her words as she spoke. “I mean, I didn’t mind you dancing with Lori, and I was surprised at that myself. I thought I’d be more jealous or something like that. But I got really excited to see you look my way as Ron was holding on to me.”

I decided to explore. “What made you excited about that?”

“Hmmm,” she hesitated. “I think it was because I was doing something really naughty and unlike me, and you were watching me do it.”

I could tell that she was still thinking about it, so I decided to give her a bit more time to see if she had more to share. She did.

“And also,” she continued, “because I felt like I was wanted by someone other than my husband, and that felt really good. I felt like I still have it, for another man to find me sexually attractive like that. It made me feel very sexy.”

“But you are, babe,” I wanted to make sure I assured her. “You are very sexy.”

“Thank you, honey,” she said “But you’re my husband, and I know you find me sexy. It’s just totally different to hear or feel it from another man. Didn’t you feel good that Lori found you attractive?”

“I did, actually,” I replied. “I felt like I still had it too, you know?”

“And it was different than me giving you the same attention, right?” she pushed.

“I guess I see your point.” I had not disagreed with her in the first place, but I wanted to make sure we were both going in the same direction with this conversation.

She smiled and turned back to the scene next to us where John had pushed the girl’s face away from him so that he could reach down to grab his pants from the floor. The girl and her husband watched him take out a couple of condoms and lean back on the couch; we could easily see the golden wrappers of the Magnum condoms in his hand, which came as no surprise given his generous size. It looked like the show was about to get even better.


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